Book Exhibition (English Version)

Last Wednesday was great! I went to one of the of the mall in my town to get my mother’s package. To my surprise, there was a book exhibition on the mall hall. So, after I got the package, I visited the exhibition. The book exhibition was not held by some specific famous publisher, the books were not new either but it has a lot of interesting books. There were some secondhand old books with very good quality too—and guess what, many of those books are written by famous writers and man of letters! Those rare books! Not only that, some international books were available too.

Even though the exhibition was simple and small, I really love the atmosphere. It has some kind of aromatic wooden scent that brought the old and cozy atmosphere perfectly. Some of the books are arranged simply and ‘originally’ so that those books seems like our own books in our own bookshelf.

Antique, old, yet cozy. Really. I spent almost two hours there before decided to bought two books which is Bread for Friends and The Death of Adolf Hitler. I want to buy a lot of books actually, but I only have (more or less) IDR 50.000 on my pocket so..yeah I have to feel pleased with only two books. Those books relatively cheap in my opinion. Bread for Friends only costs IDR 20.000 and The Death of Adolf Hitler only costs IDR 15.000, great deal right? I can save IDR 15.000, yay to that!

Oh, I’ll try to make the review of those books too soon. Please wait for it 🙂




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