March 2017 in a Nutshell

March already over.

In Indonesia, March have some unstable weather. Sometimes it’s so hot, it makes you frustrated and sweaty, but later it will have a huge windy rain that makes you cold. Those kind of weather makes you have to ate your vitamins regularly, and I don’t really like that. It’s good that I can maintain my health in those unstable weather.

Beside the unstable weather, March have some cool stuff too! On 3 March, I got my ordered Demian book with a BTS postcard on it, some SOPE photocard, SOPE fanart poster, SOPE handbanner, and SOPE fan! I got them for free (except for the Demian book) because I was participated on making a video of BTS ARMY Indonesia Amino’s gathering project that dedicated for Suga and J-Hope birthday. Here is the link for the video.


I was making the ‘What can you do in BTS ARMY Indonesia Amino’ part. The process was so fun, I had a good time while making that. The other good thing is, I got more fellow ARMY friends!

On 3 March too, I was shopping stuff to my brand new room and stopping by at the restaurant to eat some pizza, then I went to the massage spot because the tough week made me so tired. To be honest, it was my first time eating in a restaurant and went to the massage spot alone. I’m kind of proud of myself.

Anyway, the stuff to my brand new room was not enough, I need more locker to put my novels and my college books. On the other hand, my new room is veeeery small, I don’t think a new locker will fit in my new room. Those novels and my college books still abandoned in my room’s floor. I’m still thinking for the solution, this is so frustrating.

In March too, I start interested in photography and music. I learned the basic of photography like the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. I even joined the design, decoration, and documentation group in my college field trip project to learn some photography and making videos.

I went to some beach too to practice my photography. And again, I kinda proud of myself because I can took these photos.

But then again, when I saw my friends skill in that design, decoration, and documentation group I feel like my skill is not good enough and I have to learn more! It’s okay, we have to learn something new everyday, right? It makes our life less boring.

Talking about learning something new, I tried to make some review of Demian book, it’s in Indonesian, you can read it here.


Honestly, IT WAS HARD, since I rarely reviewing books or anything. But that experience makes me want to review more books, or reviewing lyrics, stories, anything that can be reviewed.

And, this March I’ve been listening to IU’s songs. So sad that I discovered her just now, she’s very talented! I love all of her songs! My favorites are Through the Night, Friday, The Red Shoes, and My Old Story.



So yeah, that was it. How was your March?




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