How my life goes : 15 January

First post in 2017, yay!

Happy new year buddies..

Today is 15 January and it’s raining outside. January is the ‘raining time to glow’ I guess.

*Rainism playing in the distance*

How was your holiday? Mine is not that good, but Thanks God I was able to join the reunion of my middle school friends. We went to Semarang. It startled me knowing the fact that I was laugh so much. It’s been a while. Thanks guys.


I bought some brush for my watercolor practice too. 3 different type of brushes and it only cost Rp 12.500. Good deal. I bought new skecthbook for practising too, and a lots of discount books. I feel blessed.

While practising, I always listening to some music. This month I usually listening to :

  1. BTS’ songs (of course)
  2. Alone by Heart
  3. This Town by Niall Horan
  4. Perahu Kertas by Maudy Ayunda
  5. Rollercoaster by David Choi
  6. Become Each Other Tears by Hyolyn
  7. I Can Only See You by Wendy and Seulgi
  8. Dream by BolBBalgan4

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